When to choose Drupal and how to find the best Drupal development partner?


Date: 6 October 2021

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Drupal is a free, open source content management system. It is used to provide the back end for everything from simple personal blogs all the way to complex government websites, for content and knowledge management and for business collaboration.

As it is open source, you can use it for free and modify it to suit your particular needs. The only cost you'll have to consider is hosting and the Drupal development services (if you don't have your own development team).

Since it's considered headless, Drupal is future-proof and much more flexible than traditional CMSs. In Drupal's case, the external front-end communicates with the backend through the API that allows you to:

  • use different programming languages, frameworks, and tools instead of sticking to those supported by a particular CMS
  • design one adjustable interface for various devices
  • polish the user experience by designing the interface without any limitations imposed by a platform

Drupal consulting services and Drupal development services

Drupal stands out among the headless solutions with its supportive community and amazing flexibility. It has one of the largest open-source communities who work to improve the security and functionality of Drupal.

If you feel it's the right solution for your platform, it's worth using Drupal consulting services before switching to the new CMS so you can be sure that it will support your business model. Such support will be particularly helpful when building your first Drupal site. Experienced Drupal consultants can also help with any problems that emerge once you have launched your project. The most common problems are often related to configuration and servers.

When choosing Drupal support, make sure that you use a partner that specialises in Drupal (rather that the other headless solutions or CMSs in general). By working with with Drupal experts, including consultants and Drupal developers, you can be sure the website will meet your needs.

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