What features make up the best language learning apps?


Date: 22 November 2021

A young man learning multiple foreign languages using an app

There's always someone trying to learn a new language, whether for business or pleasure. There are various ways to learn these languages, but people usually opt for the simplest, most efficient ways. Despite the urge to learn, it is not an easy process.

The good news is that technology has made the learning process easier. With so many language learning apps on the market, it is difficult to know which is the best learning app for you.

The guide below will help you understand which features you should look for in any language learning app. 

  1. Sign – in

The language app should include sign-in features, including the user's basic information such as name, gender, age etc. This information helps the user obtain a personalised account, and hence, more personalised learning. Email is essential as the user will be able to obtain important updates on their course.

Among the many available language learning apps, Preply offers an ideal example of a personalised app with multiple features for anyone trying to grasp a new language.

  1. Pronunciation check

A pronunciation check is one of the most important features if you want to achieve an accurate accent. When users are new to the language, they need to know the pronunciation of different words. The inclusion of a pronunciation feature enables the user to pronounce words in the new language correctly.

  1. Online community

Connection with other learners across the world will improve the users learning experience. The language app should have a forum whereby the learner can raise their opinions and have discussions. Online interaction with other users will have a positive impact on the user. 

  1. Motivation notifications

When a user first starts using the learning app, enthusiasm and motivation is usually high but user become less motivated as time progresses. The learning app should have a push-in message to motivate the users during the learning process. Sometimes a user might find it challenging to understand a particular module. The motivation notification encourages the user to remain focussed and to come back to the app. 

  1. Attractive user interface

The first way to 'hook' a user is with an attractive and user-friendly interface. In the first instance, it reassures the user that the learning app is good. The design of the app needs to be eye-catching to the user and meet their expectations. 

  1. Gamification

The addition of gaming features on the app breaks the monotony of conventional learning methods. The game features make learning enjoyable and more productive. Gaming features don't only appeal to kids, adults enjoy the competitive and fun elements too. Gamified features keep the users engaged and motivated.

  1. Audio clips for revision

After working through a lesson or module, audio clips come in handy to practise the newly learned language. Users can listen to those clips at a convenient place and time. The app should include features to remind the user of the importance of revision. The revision notifications are essential for both users and app developers since they can increase the number of users.

  1. Core vocabulary

A broad vocabulary improves the learning process. The app should include various vocabularies and common phrases. A dashboard showing the performance of the learner in mastering core vocabulary compared to other users will motivate the user to stay engaged with the app.

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