Not just money: the benefits of fintech accelerator programmes


Date: 15 August 2023

Blocks representing the different benefits of joining a fintech accelerator programme

The rise of fintech has brought with it a range of new opportunities for fintech start ups, including access to funding and potential partnerships. However, one of the most overlooked advantages is that these start up programmes provide other tangible benefits beyond the money.

Below we discuss some of the other benefits associated with the top fintech accelerator programmes.

Access to mentoring and networking opportunities

For any start up business, navigating the world of business can be overwhelming and intimidating. Fintech accelerator programmes provide invaluable access to mentors who are experienced in the field and have been there before. This mentorship provides invaluable advice, guidance and support.

Accelerators also provide access to a network of industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors. This gives you the chance to make valuable connections for potential partnerships, advice or even potential investments.

Support services and resources

In addition to direct financial support, fintech accelerator programmes also offer various resources and services designed to help start ups excel. This can include access to office space, legal services and technical support.

This access to resources is invaluable for teams who may otherwise be unable to afford such services. Beyond the financial benefits, this support also provides start ups with contacts and advice from industry experts that could help shape their future direction and growth opportunities.

Joint ventures and strategic alliances

Fintech accelerator programmes can also provide access to joint ventures and strategic alliances with other companies in the same field. This often provides start ups with quick and easy entry into new markets, as well as potential partnerships with larger organisations.

Joint ventures can also provide valuable data and insights that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain on your own. This can prove invaluable in helping to shape strategy and decision making.

Media exposure and brand recognition

Fintech accelerator programmes often provide access to media outlets and leverage the power of public relations. This provides start ups with exposure which can help create brand awareness, increase customer reach and generate leads.

Having your organisation’s story shared in the press can also help attract investors, partners or customers. Having your story broadcast can also increase credibility, as it shows that industry experts and influencers endorse the company.

Industry-specific training and development opportunities

Fintech accelerator programmes often include tailored training sessions and development opportunities that provide your team with industry-specific knowledge and skills. These programmes typically cover a broad range of topics, such as regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and financial management.

The intention behind these training sessions is to equip start ups with the necessary skills and understanding to navigate the complex fintech landscape. Further, these sessions are often led by industry experts, thus providing start ups with the opportunity to learn directly from those who have successfully manoeuvred the same challenges. This access to industry-specific training and development is a significant advantage that accelerators provide, beyond monetary support.

In summary

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits associated with joining a fintech accelerator program beyond just money. These programmes provide start ups with access to resources, mentorship, networking opportunities and media exposure that could prove invaluable in helping them to succeed.

For any fintech start up, the opportunity to join a reputable accelerator should be taken seriously and the full range of benefits considered before making a decision. With the right program, it can be an invaluable step towards growth and success for your organisation.

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