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It's vital you have a business email policy. This describes how your staff are allowed to use your email system, so they know what is and isn't permitted

We've created a business email use policy for your business. It's completely free to download and you can customise it before using it.

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Download business email use policy >>
(Microsoft Word, 63KB)

Why do I need an email use policy?

It's easy to dismiss concerns about email. After all, email is easy to use and most people are comfortable with it, especially if you provide standard email software like Microsoft 365.

However, it's precisely because email is so easy to use that you need an email use policy.

Whether it's falling for a phishing scam, clogging up the system with endless ‘reply all' messages, or putting off customers with sloppy grammar, the simplicity of email hides it dangers.

This email use policy helps your employees understand the rules about using email. It also provides some advice on email etiquette, so you can reduce email overload and ensure your staff use email appropriately.

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About our email use policy 

Our sample email use policy is designed to help you create a policy that works for your business.

As every company is different, it's important to consider how you use email and write a policy to suit your circumstances. You can use this email policy as a starting point and customise information as required.

It's a good idea to seek professional advice before putting your email policy into action. Using an email policy template may allow you to reduce your costs, because you won't need to ask your lawyer to create a policy from scratch.

You can download our email use policy now.

Download email use policy >>
(Microsoft Word, 63KB)

Implementing your email use policy

Like any IT policy, your email use policy should be a practical, usable document. Your staff shouldn't just read it and forget it. They should be able to understand what it means in practice, then refer to it if they need any advice about using email.

Review your business email use policy every two to three years. You should also revisit it if you move to a new email system or fundamentally change how things work (for instance, if you introduce mobile email).

It's a good idea to require staff to read your email use policy (and sign a document to that end) when you introduce it. It should also be part of your induction programme for new employees.

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