The internet

It is highly likely that you depend on the internet for some aspects of your business. Find out how you can use the internet more effectively.

The internet - overview

It is highly likely that you depend on the internet for some aspects of your business. Find out how you can use the internet more effectively.

Mobile internet access - overview

A mobile internet connection can help you stay in touch and work efficiently. We look at the options to enable you to stay connected on the move.

Build a website - overview

Do you need a company website? This introduction explains the key considerations and how to design, create and implement a website.

Sell online - overview

An online shop can be a simple and lucrative way to reach new customers. We talk you through the basics of setting up an online shop.

Business web hosting - overview

Web hosting allows you to publish your company website on the internet. Our overview will help you pick the right hosting service for your business.

Cloud computing - overview

Cloud computing could simplify your IT and reduce costs. Understand how cloud computing can help your business, and why you should move to the cloud today!

Business domain names - overview

Your domain name forms a crucial part of your online presence and brand. Discover how to find and choose the right domain name for your business.

Website audio and video - overview

Including audio and video into your website can promote your business and support customers. Find out how you can create online video and audio.

Blue sky with clouds and a hand holding an ethernet cable up to the cloud

Beginner's guide to the cloud

Cloud computing allows you to use the internet to carry out tasks you'd normally do on your computer. So how can it help your business?

Piles of hay in a grassy field with trees on a sunny day

How to choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name is tricky. You need to think of words that describe what you do and then juggle them until you find an available domain name.

A motorway taken in the dark showing front and back car lights in a blur

Internet speed checker

When it comes to internet speeds, are you getting what you were promised when you signed up? Find out with this internet speed checker.

A web design agency comes up with design concepts for a new website

Work with a web agency FAQs

Know how to choose the right agency for you, including writing a design brief, getting the costs right, and managing ongoing technical support.

Someone holding a phone with a smart phone friendly website on it

Make your website smart phone friendly

94% of the UK own a mobile phone and an average adult spends over 2.5 hours per day online via their phone. So it is essential that your website works well on a smartphone.

Man looking at web analytics on monitor - Monitoring your web traffic

Monitoring your web traffic

To maximise your investment, you need to track web visitors and monitor what they do on your site. This data can help improve your conversion rates.

A building with a reflection fo a blue sky with fluffy clouds

Q&A: Cloud computing security

Cloud computing can be efficient and cost-effective way of running your IT. But how do you keep your data safe when it’s stored off your premises?

a padlock and a url starting https:// indicating that the website has SSL encryption

SSL encryption for your website

Although an SSL certificate can be useful for an online shop, it’s not the only security precaution you need. We explore the other considerations.

The six best websites for business IT

The six best websites for business IT

With so much IT advice available online, it’s hard to know where to look. Whatever it is you are looking for, we’ve picked out six of the best sites.

Pair of wire cutters cutting a broadband cable with a blue background

How to cope without broadband

Broadband access is a business essential. So what do you do if your business location means you can’t get broadband or if your connection is down?