Here's what happens in an internet minute


Date: 15 February 2012

It’s a mistake to stop and think about the internet for too long. You’ll struggle to grasp the sheer size of the thing, its mind-boggling complexity and the rate at which it changes.

Still, it the internet is fascinating. And that’s why this infographic from Intel caught our eye. It gives you some idea of what happens online in a single minute.

While you’ve been reading this, a score of people have had their identities stolen, hundreds have signed up to social network LinkedIn and there have been 100,000 new Tweets. Bonkers.

What happens in an internet minute? Intel infographic{{}}

Alt text: Infographic – what happens in an internet minute

Just to put some of that into context:

  • The 639,800GB of data transferred is equivalent to sending about 135,000 full-length DVD films across the internet.
  • Those 6 million Facebook views sound like an awful lot – but then you have to remember that worldwide, one in every nine people has a Facebook account.
  • The number of internet-connected devices is set to soar over the next few years as cars, TVs and even kitchen appliances all get their own connections.

While there perhaps aren’t any hard and fast conclusions for your business to draw from this, it certainly highlights some of the opportunities out there. With 1,300 new mobile internet users every minute, having a mobile website makes sense. And with 1.3 million videos watched, perhaps your business should have a YouTube channel.

You know, I reckon this internet thing might just be here to stay...

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