TOTW: use Google for sums, currency conversions and more


Date: 21 February 2013

There's always something interesting going on with Google. Just this week it announced Google Glass, a pair of glasses with a camera and display built in.

However, as it'll probably be a little while before you see someone wearing them on your local High Street, for this Friday's tip of the week we thought we'd show you three Google tricks.

1. Do your sums

Google has a pretty advanced calculator built right into it, and you can easily calculate sums by just tapping them in to the search box. Here's an example: 54 + 46 = ?:

Google sums{{}}

Use the +, -, / and * keys and give it a go yourself. You'll never need to us an actual calculator again.

2. Convert measurements and currencies

Google can also convert between virtually any two units you'd care to think about: Six metres in feet. 80 millilitres in fluid ounces. 14 pounds in kilograms.

Doing conversions in Google{{}}

You can convert currencies too, and Google will automatically use up-to-date exchange rates for you. How many dollars can you get for £150?

3. Get a speedy definition

If you don't know what a specific word means, just type define: into Google, followed by the word. For example: define:disestablishmentarianism.

Getting a definition in Google{{}}

If you're grappling with another language, Google can help you there too. Check out its translation tools.

What Google tips and shortcuts do you use regularly? Leave a comment to let us know.

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