Get £5,000 to spend on improving your security


Date: 1 July 2013

Security level - get a grant{{}}Would being more cyber secure help grow your business or add value for your customers and partners?

If so, you could be in line for £5,000 to spend on working with an external security expert for the first time.

These grants are available in the form of vouchers from the Technology Strategy Board. The aim is to support small companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups that see value in protecting and growing their online business by having effective cyber security.

Invest in security

This isn't 'free money' - the grant is paid to your business only once you show the Technology Strategy Board that you've finished the project in line with your original application and paid the supplier. (They do approve the project and supplier in advance, so as long as you stick to the plan you shouldn't be in for any unwelcome payment issues.)

It sounds like a great opportunity to improve your security if your business fits the criteria. The official website reckons you might be suitable for a voucher if you're looking to:

  • protect new inventions and business processes
  • 'cyber audit' your existing processes
  • move online and develop a technology strategy
  • develop a prototype for which cyber security is essential

There's plenty of advice and guidance on the voucher website itself. A good place to start is probably this flyer (PDF link) that explains the voucher scheme and how to determine if you're eligible. The next deadline for applications is 24 July.

Unsurprisingly, UK IT suppliers are also keen to promote the voucher scheme. It was brought to our attention in a press release from security company Espion, which says it's happy to help companies with the application process.

Email [email protected] to find out more.

Other vouchers available too

Even if cyber-security isn't where you need to invest at the moment, it may be worth having a quick look over the categories on the voucher website. Under the scheme, you can also apply for funding in areas like open data, energy and the built environment.

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