Types of web hosting

Servers - Types of web hostingWeb hosting was once solely a way to publish websites on the internet. However, as broadband speeds have increased and technologies evolved, businesses are increasingly using web hosting for jobs they’d previously have carried out using in-house IT equipment

Choosing a web host can be tricky; there are hundreds of suppliers to pick from, with each one offering a wide array of hosting packages.

But don’t panic! A good place to start is by deciding what type of web hosting you need. Here’s a summary of the main options:

  • Shared hosting is entry-level web hosting. It’s fine for hosting small websites or blogs – and with prices starting from less than £5 a month, it’s a cost-effective way to get your company website online.
  • Cloud hosting is a versatile form of web hosting which is becoming more commonplace. The main attraction is that it scales up and down automatically to meet your needs. Like buying electricity, you only pay for what you use.
  • Virtual server hosting is mid-range hosting that costs from around £15 a month. It gives you much more flexibility and power than shared web hosting, making it good for sites that are growing, and for some web applications.
  • Dedicated hosting is a very powerful type of business web hosting. It’s mainly used for busy, high-traffic websites or to run business applications. You can also use dedicated hosting to replace a server on your company premises.
  • Managed hosting services refers to a type of web hosting where your hosting supplier carries out updates and maintenance to keep things running and provides consultation on the best setups for your requirements. Managed hosting should reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your hosting.

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